Superior yeast ingredients made for dog food and treat formulas

The Emmert difference
in Canines

Benefits for dog food & treats

  • Supports gut, immune and bone health
  • Aids in reducing digestive upsets
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat condition
  • All-natural products made in the USA
  • Significantly preferred for palatability over other yeast products

Improves overall
wellness and vitality

Highly palatable products
that pets prefer

A trusted partner

for pet food manufacturers

As a leading supplier of pet food ingredients for more than 50 years, we are committed to providing solutions to enhance canine diets. You can trust that Emmert products promote superior palatability and better health.

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Proven results

Research feeds our innovative spirit and gives you confidence in Emmert’s proven results.

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Our decades-long customer relationships truly stand the test of time.


Trusted Quality

We deliver innovative, high quality animal feed ingredients that perform just as we promise they will.

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