Elevating the Science Behind Pet Food Formulas

Elevating the Science Behind Pet Food Formulas

Nutrition research is the backbone of the petfood industry. The ongoing scientific study of animal health leads to new discoveries that help manufacturers formulate diets to deliver what pet parents want: happy pets with good dispositions, good appetite, healthy skin and coat, and overall wellbeing.


At the F.L. Emmert Company, we are digging deeply into the fundamental science of animal nutrition to better understand the role that brewers yeast ingredients play in pet diets. We have discovered that Emmert brewers yeast ingredients not only increase palatability, but they also contain prebiotics, postbiotics, antioxidants and other constituents that benefit animal health.


Below, I dive into some of that research and its promising results.

Backed by proven science

Emmert recently conducted a study with a leading university to discover the effects of our ingredients on gut health and inflammation. Preliminary results show that healthy, well-maintained dogs can measurably benefit from Emmert’s unique brewers yeast ingredients. Dogs showed less inflammation, improved metabolism and evidence of a healthier gut biome.


The results are intriguing. Dogs on yeast weighed significantly more than control dogs at the fourth, fifth and sixth weeks despite consuming the same amount of food. The study also showed that feeding yeast significantly reduced inflammation and potentially improved fermentation of fiber. All these results suggest healthier gut metabolism.


There was another very compelling result: Three treatment dogs with leaky guts at the beginning of the study improved to normal function by nine weeks of feeding.


Ingredients with a purpose

How could a brewers yeast ingredient be so effective? Emmert’s products are produced by a proprietary cooking method that preserves the full benefits. This brings multiple benefits to the diet, including antioxidants, prebiotics, beta-glucans and essential nutrients.


Antioxidants have specific benefits to the digestive tract. The act of eating and digesting food can create oxidative stress in the gut at the cellular level. Antioxidants can clean up excess free radicals that cause that stress.


Emmert has been studying the antioxidant concentration in its ingredients, specifically focusing on how ingredients neutralize free radicals in laboratory assays. Emmert’s ingredients have been benchmarked against food ingredients recognized as antioxidant-rich, such as goji berries, cranberries and blueberries, and perform equal to or better. Plus, they’re extremely palatable to pets, so they deliver antioxidants in a way the animal will want to lick the bowl clean.

Formulating for success

Pet food formulators look for ingredients that deliver multiple nutritional benefits and are affordable. Every part of the diet should deliver as many benefits as possible.


Our research shows that Emmert ingredients fit that bill. Pound for pound, they deliver everyday wellness through antioxidants, essential amino acids, prebiotics, trace minerals and vitamins.


While we’re digging deeply into the fundamental science of our ingredients, we never lose sight of the fact that the animal has to show the benefit. Nutrition that Shines™ ultimately leads to a longer and better quality of life for our furry friends.


About the author

Tom Asquith is Director of Research & Development for The F.L. Emmert Company.


Petfood Industry, November 2021